Rara Lake, Rara National Park, Mugu District, Karnali Zone, Far Western Nepal.
Rara Lake or Rara Taal in Nepalese language, is the largest lake of Nepal. It is part of Rara National Park, situated at the altitude of about 2,900m, in Mugu District of Karnali Zone, far Western Region of Nepal. It is about 375km North-West of the Capital, near Gam Ghadi, District Headquarter of Mugu District and Talcha aristrip. Rara Taal is about 5km long and 2km wide, with an area of 10 sq km. Image of the snowy mountains and the green forest hills falling on the crystal clear blue still water of the lake is truly Himalayan spirit.
Summer is quite pleasant but winter is cold in Rara Lake region. From December to March the temperature drops below freezing point, heavy snowfall occurs during these months up to one meter thick, blocking the way and making trekking difficult to the lake. The best time to visit the lake is from September to October and April to May. The maximum depth of the lake is about 160m.

Rara lake view tower, Rara National Park, Mugu, Far Western Nepal